Thursday, March 17, 2005

Severing Ties

In my time as a baseball fan, since the late 80's, I have always loved those blue collar, get your uniform dirty and bleed your teams colors type players. Tough as "NAILS", and yes, Lenny was as tough as they come. In Joe McEwing, we had one of those type players every team yearns for. Great clubhouse guy, good personality off the field, never gets into trouble, characteristics of a good leader. On the field, he was versatile, never gave up, always hustled. He wasnt the best on the field, but he left HIS BEST on the field... Super Joe, will forever be a met, and he will be missed...

Danny Garcia - Was another hard nose go out all always hustle type player. Again, he would not be your normal everyday player, but he would take one for the team. Because of his willingness to do so, and his aggressive play, his playing time was cut short for the likes of Jeff Keppinger. Which ultimately, led to Danny's Demise in a Mets uniform. Hey Danny, you can join Kazmir and thank Mr Leiter for no longer being a met.

Atleast we still have Wright.


The team as a whole is looking pretty good, especially when our starters are in there together. Kaz is taking the transition pretty smoothly, Reyes is looking great now that he is healthy, Beltran is smoking the ball like he had a bad crack habit, and good to see Phillips finally getting some good rips. Looks like we will be using alot of that speed to score alot of our runs this season. I look forward to the "New" Mets.

As for the pitching, the top three pitchers, Pedro, Glavine and Benson are looking pretty solid. If this is what we can expect from them when the regular season begins, then hey, sign me up. Just remember, it is only spring training. Same goes for Zambrano, he is doing HORRIBLE this spring, but he still has to get his mechanics back, has to get use to pitching, and shake the rust off. Let him have a horrible spring, as long as he gets it together by his first REGULAR SEASON start, we are GOOD!!..

Bullpen still provides questions marks, and its like a broken record how this goes on and on, but besides our lack of a power hitting thumper in the middle of our line up, this is our biggest concern. So far, the pitchers have been inconsistant, with the exception of looper who is having a fine spring. And, of course, Heath Bell, who if he doesn't make this team, I will be completely surprised and disappointed. Here's how it stands out so far.

Heath Bell
Mister Koo
Mike DeJean
Mike Mathews
Roberto Hernandez
Braden Looper

Hate it or Love it, it is what it is...

--WMF5 - Signing out--

Tomorrow... i'll find something to speak about.. if not.. see you in a couple of weeks...

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why Pedro? Why NOT Pedro???

Theres a funny questions going around all of baseball, questions from the press and so called baseball writers, from Peter "Mr Know It All" Gammons, to Micheal "bash the mets at all costs" Kay, and of course Chris Russo. Questions such as, WHY did the Mets get Pedro Martinez? WHY did the Mets pay so much for Pedro Martinez? WHY did the Mets give Pedro 4 years? WHY would Pedro Martinez choose the Mets?

The question here should be, why NOT Pedro Martinez. Why shouldn't he be the player, that puts a mark on this god forsaken franchise? Why shouldn't he be the player, to leap start the Mets back into contention, and out the damn cellar? Why shouldn't he be the player, that gets other players to want to play for the Mets? Why shouldn't he choose the Mets, where it will be a challenge, and proof that he is one of the BEST, if the Mets contend this year? Why would he choose the Yankees, a proven winner? Wheres the challenge in that? Of course, the Metsies offered more money, and an extra year, but still, whos to say he wanted to be the one to change the team around, like Keith and Gary did in the 80's. Like Mike Piazza and Al Leiter did in the late 90's.

Everyone seems to think that Mr. METinez is done, washed up, finished. WHY? Look at his numbers, and I won't dare post them because they are posted EVERYWHERE. Martines is still better than any of the pitchers in our current rotation. Better than Glavine, certainly better than Tracks. Better than Benson, and certainly better than Mr. Damaged Goods Zambrano. He posted a lower ERA in the AL, than what our best pitcher on the current rotation provided in the NL. He posted almost more strikeouts than any 2 of our pitchers COMBINED, and less walks than any of our starters. He pitched more innings than any of our pitchers, while giving up less hits than any of those pitchers coming close to 200 inning mark. AND lets not forget the most important stat, he had MORE wins and LESS losses than anyone on the current rotation. WHATS THE PROBLEM?

He is still one of the best pitchers, numbers comparable to RANDY JOHNSON, if you look at the difference between the leagues. I dont hear any YANKEE BASHING for them attempting to trade, Javier Vazques, a young talented arm, for a 41 going on 42 year OLD pitcher. Is it because he is not being traded to the METS?!?! Everything the Mets do is wrong. They picked up Alomar, it was wrong. They picked up Burnitz, it was wrong. They picked up Floyd, it was wrong. They picked up Camron, it was wrong. ITS ALWAYS WRONG IF ITS NOT DONE BY THE YANKEES... F THE YANKEES, and F THE SPORTSWRITES who have a problem with the Mets.

I'm in a bad mood now, and don't want to write anymore.. so F THIS COLUMN!!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Soon To Come

Great.. I have created my own Blog. Hope I get people to visit here. After the weekend, I will provide my perspective on the Pedro rumblings, our off season needs, our current affair of the mets, the future of the franchise, and speak a little on the steroids hooplah.. Please stay tuned, official open date of is Monday December 6th 2004